“The sounds of harvesters singing traditional harvest folksongs can be heard in the fields as they work.”


Our herbal teas are wild-crafted, meaning the herbs are harvested sustainably in the wild and totally processed by hand. All our harvesters are trained in ancient highlands methods, timing and technology of plant harvesting. The sounds of harvesters singing traditional harvest folksongs can be heard in the fields as they work. The harvesting of wild flowers begins in late April and continues until the end of August. Depending on the climate conditions, harvest season may stretch until late September and early October.

The wild herbs are carefully collected taking into account moon and sun phases, the timing of flower blossoming and plant specifications. Flowers are delivered to the collecting points, where they pass initial quality control. The selected plants are then delivered to the production facilities. The flowers are then carefully aerated and washed with rainwater to remove dust before being dried naturally.

Processing includes selection, grading, sorting and categorization of the dry flowers and petals according to the specific tea blend. The petals go through several manual sorting, grading and preparation processes based on traditional techniques that guarantee the high quality of the final product. The last step in the process is natural airing, careful blending and packaging. Blending is the most important part and is done by our Armenian ethnobotanical blending expert, Dr. Armen Mehrabian.

The methods of harvesting, processing and blending are taken from ancient manuscripts and recipes thus preserving and continuing an ancient food culture.

“Even before tasting the tea, one smell of the contents and I knew this was going to be something special.”

Pearl D., 08/10/2010

“I love the tea. We make 3 or 4 pots a day and drink it iced at work.”

-Aram K., 10/06/2010

“The tea arrived today. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so very much.”

-Tamar T., 12/29/2010

“I can only drink decaffeinated herbal teas. You have such a great selection!”

Leda K., 01/21/2011

“Finding these herbal teas was especially important to me. I have a fairly new food allergy which does not allow me to consume anything which is not organic.”

Monica A., 06/06/2011

We drink this every night - it's such a delight after dinner. It's "real Armenian mint tea" unlike the ones that refer to themselves as such but aren't really from Armenia nor as good as this tea.

Tamar P.

“I purchased your herbal teas as a gift for my brother and his wife who are big tea drinkers.
They were impressed with the quality!

-Rose M., 07/15/2010

“Once I tasted the Wild Mint, I knew I would never go back to drinking regular mint tea again.”

-Patrick D., 09/18/2010

“Noah's blend is so refreshing”

Adam J.

“I don't even like tea, and I LOVE this stuff!!!”

-Jack A., 11/09/2010

“Love Your herbal teas - Ani Blend is the best of course!”

-Ani C., 01/26/2011

“My pantry now officially smells like the Armenian highlands!!”

Silva T., 01/14/2011

Exceptionally great herbal teas. I'm not sure where else you can find this kind of high quality wild-crafted teas.

Alec E., 12/12/2016

“The Armenian Blend is OUTSTANDING! I give samples to everyone I know.”

-Nick W., 09/15/2010

“The Pomegranate tea is unbelievable. You can smell the quality which makes up for the price.”

- Jerry A., 08/21/2010